Monday, January 4, 2010


It is freezing!!!!!! I am so sick of this freezing cold weather. It is really putting a damper on my riding since the ring and ground in general has been frozen because of it.

New Year's Day we had some pretty some decent weather around mid-high forties so I got a good ride in. My friend J who gave me Satin came out to watch me ride and we just did a schooling ride in the ring. Her jog and lope were beautiful and we worked on simple and flying changes which she did nicely as well.

Unfortunately that has been the last time I was able to get a real ride in. Saturday was bitter. I don't think it even hit 30 and the ground was frozen. I did walk her around for about ten minutes to get her old lady legs stretched so she isn't stiff. Sunday was even more bitter and SUPER windy so I did not go out to the farm at all as I had plans for the day with my friend L. Today was low 30s and the ground was still a mess so I was resigned ot just walking the princess pony to get her legs stretching especially with a lesson coming up on Wednesday. Then when I went to get her I found she was missing a shoe, so I would have been stuck walking either way. As they say "No hoof, No horse". She used to never throw a shoe and now this is the second time in the 6 weeks since her last shoeing. She threw her front right about 3 weeks ago when it had been very muddy for a week straight. Now she threw her front left though she is due to be shod on Friday. Luckily my farrier is awesome and already returned my call to say she will be out tomorrow morning. This way if the ground is unfrozen I can get a little ride in before my lesson Wednesday.

In other news, I am enjoying being off of school for a while and getting to catch up with friends who are home. So besides the barn thats pretty much what I have been doing. Anyway thats it for now!

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