Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter Break is Coming to an End :(

Unfortunately today was my last day of winter break and tomorrow spring semester starts and I am back to classes, studying, and homework. I am definitely not looking forward to it, but who ever really does.

Anyway so first of all I will of course give the riding update. Friday as I already informed you guys was Satin's 21st birthday. It was also a gorgeous day in the high 40s so we went for a trail ride. We were joined of course by K but her trail mount was unusual, well for her. She rode my friend L's standardbred mare Lexie since her usual trail mount, her gelding Smokey, has been lame for the past week. Her mother's horse Jewel has not been ridden in a month and the other mare she sometimes rides was going out on trial the next day. So L offered Lexie who has proven to be a reliable trail mount since L was not riding that day. We went on a nice little hack for about forty minutes.

Saturday was another gorgeous day reaching about 50 degrees. Since we did not have anyone to join us on a trail ride we rode at home around the paddocks and the grass field. She was good as always as we trotted and cantered around. Then I let her do the barrel a few times. I was just going to have her do it slow, but Satin had other ideas. The first time she went to the barrel slowly, but it was blast off on the way home, to the point where I almost thought I wasn't going to be able to turn or stop her before we hit the fence! LOL! We did it a few more times and she was raring to go, blast off every time. Then I let her do a very short sprint across the grass ring to where L was waiting and she was going full steam ahead! That's my girl 21 going on 3, haha!

Yesterday rained, plus Satin deserved a day off so I did not ride. Today was another gorgeous 50 degree day, so after some shopping with L we hit the barn. Satin was prancing and dancing when I took her out of the field so I expected a hyper schooling session. If not for the fact that we have a lesson this week and need some schooling work I would have let her play in the back again. As I began to warm her up Satin proved my expectations wrong, she was ready to get down to work. We started with our usual posting trot warm up with shoulder in and shoulder out. Her jog and lope were beautiful and then we worked on counter canter. It took a few tries to get her to pick it up in both directions. We have not done it in a while so she is out of practice, but was still able to hold around turns in both directions. Then we did some quarter turns and then 180s which are getting a little better. We finished off with some sidepassing which was a bit lazy but correct.

Tomorrow we will do some more schooling in preparation for what I am sure will be a great lesson with R on Wednesday. Also as previously stated I start classes tomorrow as well. Of course I have to start classes on my longest day, four in a row, ughhhh. Well at least riding to look forward to after and the Maryland Horse Expo this weekend :)

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