Thursday, January 14, 2010

Loving this Forty Degree Weather!

This week has been in the high 30s and low 40s and it will continue to climb into the mid to upper 40s through the weekend. This is like it being in the 70s compared to the 20 degree weather we had the previous two weeks. The ring footing has gone back to perfect so my riding has gone back to its usual mode. Satin and I are both very happy about that. My mare enjoys having a job and does not like being pent up.

So Tuesday we had a good schooling session. We did some shoulder in and shoulder out excercises like we did in our last lesson and then some jog and lope which were very nice. Afterwards we worked on our quarter turns and I let her get a little hand gallop in as I could feel she was ready to blow. After I rode Sat, I rode Hezzie, a friend's Kentucky Mountain Walking Horse. We just rode around bareback at a walk and trot since he has had some time off. Then afterwards I jumped on my friend L's Standardbred mare Lexie for some more bareback walk trot since by then the ring was getting a little crunchy. Let me tell you who needs a thigh master with that mare around. Sit to her trot bareback a couple times a week and my legs will be rock hard!

Yesterday Satin and I had another good schooling session. Again we did the shoulder in and out and her jog and lope were very nice. But again I felt she was tensed and ready to go though she listened very well. So as a reward I let her get a little gallop out of her system. And let me tell you she was ready to go! Then we popped over a small cross rail a few times. The first time she soared over it like it was 3 feet tall and then took off a little afterwards. After about three or four tries we had her going over it in a normal fashion. Then we did some more quarter turns as we are trying to sharpen our spins. Before I rode Sat I rode Hezzie again bareback while K rode Patty and then we switched. We did walk, trot, and canter with both ands they were both very good. They are the 2 most comfortable horses to ride bareback. Hex being gaited has a nice smooth trot and though Patty is a QH she has the most comfortable trot ever! She can be at the most extended trot ever and you still don't have to post. Its awesome!

Anyway Satin's 21st birthday is tomorrow so will write more on that then!

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