Thursday, January 7, 2010

Forty Degrees, Woohoo!

So the past two days have been around forty degrees which is like beach weather compared to what we have been dealing with. Tuesday the grass ring was soft enough to walk and trot, so I did that bareback just to stretch her legs.

Yesterday I had a lesson with my fantastic trainer R. We trailered over to her farm to have our lesson in the indoor as we have been doing the past couple of weeks. As usual I had a good lesson. We did a lot of different bending excercises such as shoulder in, shoulder out, and dressage serpentines at the trot and canter. Her jog was great, but her canter was a bit quick. That was to be expected though since she hasn't had a real ride since Friday. We also worked on lead changes which she did beautifully. Then we did some more work on spins which we have been having a bit of trouble with. Surpringly her spins to the right were good and her spins to the left not so good. Usually its the complete opposite, so that was really weird. R gave me an excercise to practice at home in order to try and help her lift up and really spin correctly.

Today we had a good ride in the ring at home. Her jog and lope were great and she loped over the cavalettis like a normal pony without jumping them, taking off, or doing lead changes. We also worked on our counter canter which we have not done in a while and she did good, though she did give me a little trouble picking up her right lead counter canter because she was trying to rush into it. She eventually picked it up and went around just fine. We also worked on her sidepass which had been a bit lazy and sloppy last time, but was much nicer this time.

This cold weather is really getting annoying already because it takes away riding days and makes her stiff so by the time I get some days in riding her I lose more days. Tomorrow through the weekend is supposed to be bitter cold, so I doubt I will get any riding in the next couple days other than just walking. Next week its supposed to be in the forties all week though, so thats exciting! Its sad that forty degrees is exciting. Of course it wont hit forty til Tuesday or Wednesday and I am going to Upstate to my friend J's next weekend so I will miss out on a couple of riding days, well at home at least. I will be riding up there so I do hope the weather is ridable while I am there. Though J has access to her neighbor's indoor so we can still ride.

Anyway, thats all the news for now. Fingers crossed for decent footing soon.

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