Monday, January 11, 2010

Riding Update

Okay so first off I will give my riding update of the weekend. Friday the ground was too hard to do much, but Saturday it was good enough for walk-trot. So my friend L and I rode our mares around bareback and were later joined by two of the other girls at the barn C and S.

L and I were goofing around as usual and decided to switch ponies without getting off as we have done in the past. We had the mare's hip to hip touching so it could not have been any easier for L, but due to the jeans she was wearing she was unable to stretch her leg out to slide onto my mare. After quite a few laughs and L almost sliding off she finally got herself onto Satin behind me, but by then both mares were wiggling around. So I had to slide off and bring Lexie over to the mounting block and get on. L very much enjoyed Satin's slow, comfy jog. On the other hand Lexie's big Standardbred trot was quite different from what I was used to. I have ridden the mare several times, but never bareback so as those of you who know Standardbreds can guess it was quite the bouncy ride. I even tried bareback posting which not many people do voluntarily Lol. After a few minutes I got used to it and got Lexie to a good pace that was easier to sit to.

Then we decided to try and ride Lexie doubles, as we have done with Satin dozens of time. L was nervous as to how the mare would react, but she is quiet and I figured she wouldn't be bothered. I was right. L climbed aboard behind me and was Lexie stood perfectly quiet (probably rolling her eyes at us). Then S climbed aboard Satin since C was riding her pony. S and C switched and L and I rode Lexie back to her paddock. The four of us had fun riding bareback, switching ponies, and goofing around on a Saturday afternoon.

Sunday was colder and I wasn't feeling so hot so I decided to give Satin the day off, but my friend E wanted me to walk around with her so I pulled out my backup mount the steadfast Patty. I am pretty sure I have mentioned her before. She is a wide, comfy QH mare who is blind in her left eye, but just as quiet is not quieter than many sighted horses. Patty's trot is so comfy that even at an extended trot you never have to post. Her canter is equally as comfortable which is why I never ride the mare with a saddle.

Today the ring was good enough to walk, trot, canter, but I still decided to ride bareback in a halter with E. We walked, jogged, and cantered in each direction. Satin was feeling a bit frisky and tried to crow hop a little in one direction, silly girl. Then we did a little bridleless work just at the walk. I had a neck rope on but tried to use it as little as possible, since I would like to eventually get her to the point where she can go without a neck rope altogether. This has to start at the walk, so we worked on circles and turns, and figure eights and she did pretty good. She was a little distracted towards the end with night feeding having started.

The rest of the week is supposed to be better weather from mid 30s to eventually 40s through the weekend so that should leave the ring in good shape for riding. This Friday is Satin's 21st birthday! Though looking at her you would never know it. She thinks she is more like 4 or 5. Then Friday afternoon I am going upstate to my friend J's place, so as always I am looking forward to that. The following weekend is the Maryland World Horse Expo which I have been going to for the past 3 years, so excited for that as well.

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