Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye '09, Hello 2010

So tonight being New Year's Eve with only an hour and half left of 2009 I figured I would write my New Years Resolutions, horsey and otherwise. Now I have never before made a resolution, but I figured its never too late, right? So here it goes:

1. Bring my mare back to her reining roots and compete in the Amateur reining class at an AQHA show or in the new grassroots program started by NRHA. I would also like to compete in trail and/or barrels at the QH show as well.

2. Ride in a clinic

3. Watch more clinics at the expos I go to.

4. Spend more time practicing techniques my trainer shows me in lessons

5. Keep in mind its just for fun when I am stressed or frustrated at a western pleasure show

6. Hit the trails as much as possible!!!!

7. Mix in as much fun, easy rides as I did last year into my schooling ride schedule

8. Do more hunter paces

9, Take even more pictures everywhere I go

10. Write/Blog more about everything and anything that come to mind.

So these are some of my goals for the coming year 2010. I will keep you updated on how things go in accomplishing them. Every equestrian out there should set at least one goal for the New Year in their horsey life. Most equestrians resolutions seem to be to spend more time with or ride their horse more. I think that is a great resolution, but fortunately I got that one down. And I guess an 11th resolution would be to enjoy every moment of my supermare's senior years :)

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