Friday, January 29, 2010

The Cold is back with a vengence!

The bitter cold is back and I hate it! It was in the low twenties today and is expected to the same tomorrow and let's not even talk about the wind, ugh! I was unable to ride today because of the bitter temps and they are predicting the same for tomorrow, which leaves weekend riding out of the picture most likely. Sunday is supposed to be about thirty, but still pretty cold so who knows, fingers crossed it will be enough to keep the ground unfrozen and not be too harsh on my pony's lung for a workout.

Anyway I have been riding throughout the week when the temps were better. Monday was 58 but it rained most of the day. All of a sudden at 2 the clouds parted and the sun came shining through so of course I ran out to the farm. We just had a fun ride, hacking around the farm, enjoying the warmer temps. After the weekend off and a rain storm Satin was quite full of herself so I let her run it out a little which made us both happy.

Tuesday is my late day at school so I did not arrive at the farm until after 5 and had to get home since my aunt was visiting. So I decided to just ride bareback. I was joined by my friend K and her friend KB who is a beginner but has enjoyed learning. We just walk, trot, cantered and then did some bridleless work at the walk and the trot. We are gearing up for the JHR 2nd annual open house where we will give another bridleless demonstration as we did last year and this time will be bareback as well.

Wednesday we went back to work in preparation for next weeks lesson. R gave us some homework so we got down to it. Our warm up went beautifully as did her counter canter. It was very calm and collected just as we practiced with R. Then we worked on going across the ring and seeing how many times we could change leads as we did in our lesson and R said to practice. It went pretty well though I think could be better. Satin was getting restless and tired from the work we had been doing before. It was also nearing feeding time so she was trying to rush and be done.

Thursday night we did our usual warm up than worked on collecting and extending the trot and canter. She was awesome! She collected her trot with hardly any rein aid. All I had to do was tighten my seat and leg and she would automatically come down to the collected trot. As soon as relaxed my seat she extended again. Then we again worked on getting as many leads as we can across the short end of our ring. It went about the same as the day before maybe a bit better. Hopefully we will get some riding in before our lesson to get them a bit sharper.

In other news I am in week two of the semester and all is well so far. Still trying to get back in school mode though, but I like my classes for the most part.

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