Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Okay So I have been a slacker

I'm sorry guys. I have been a bit of a slacker these days. I have just been incredibly busy!

Okay so last show Satin and I were reserve champions. Kayla brought Smokey back so they were grand. We were a full second faster in each of our events. Our barrel run wasn't our best turn wise. It was a little rough, but we got a 19 where last time we got a 20. Our pole run was good and a full second faster. Last time we got a 27, this time a 26. Our keyhole was good, probably our best this season. We went from a ten to a 9 and ended up third. We were second in the first two events and reserve overall.

It's been very hot lately so I have mostly been riding bareback in the shade. On Sunday we rode bareback in our bathing suits through the sprinkler. It was a lot of fun.

Internship is going well. I had pictures and articles in the last issue and my article in Paint Horse Journal came out. My photography business is also doing well. I have gotten some print orders and a few more jobs.

Well that's the short version for now but I will write more soon!