Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Spring is finally coming! Today temperatures reached 60! It is going to be chilly tomorrow, but the rest of the week is going to be in the 60s! Yay! It was so nice to ride in just a tshirt and sweatshirt and one pair of pants. We did unfortunately have tornado force winds which were not very fun, but can't complain.

Our ring finally thawed out last week and has been useable which has been awesome. I had a lesson last week and we did work on lead changes. It started out a little rough, but ended great. It is good timing for the ring to be back in action since I have bending homework to do.

In other news, a new project pony has just entered my life. A fellow photographer I know through horsey friends has a 7 year old Grulla QH gelding that has been in training with my trainer, the wonderful R, all winter. She plans to bring him home in May and asked if I would ride him a few times a week when she does. Apparently she had a riding accident a few years ago and since then just does mainly walk only rides. From what I hear my trainer has completely turned this horse around from when he first came. I am not surprised in the least as she is awesome. Anyway, I went on Saturday for a test ride on him. I watched R ride him first and she put him through his paces, explained his quirks to me, and told me how to cue him. Then I got on and rode him for about half an hour. It was very windy out so the indoor was making lots of scary noises. He was a bit looky and snorty with one or two little spooks but nothing major. All in all it went pretty well. As the ride went on and I got more used to him it only got better.

My trainer was very happy with how it went. She said that was him on a bad day so that on a normal/good day I should have no problems at all. She thought we got along very well and that he liked me and I handled him well. She also asked me if I wanted to come once a week and have a lesson on him, which of course I said yes to. He is a nice horse and I think I will have fun with him.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Favorite Racehorses

Well apparently this is my week of favorite videos. Here are my two favorite racehorses.

This first video is of Ruffian, the greatest filly to ever run a race.

The second is of Secretariat in the Belmont, his greatest victory.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stacy Westfall

As all of you know from reading this I am a huge fan of Stacy Westfall and she was the one who inspired me to start doing bareback and bridleless with Satin. I don't know any horse people that don't know who she is and I think every single horse person has seen the run that made her famous. But, for those of you who are not horse people, it is a MUST see. So check it out below:

I have met Stacy in person and she is an absolute doll. She was so nice to me and every fan who approached her. She took the time to answer everyone's questions and sign posters and other products. Today I finally saw the video of her freestyle at WEG with her newest superstar stallion.

Just wanted to share a great rider and fantastic horsewoman with you all. Hope you are all as inspired as I was!