Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Satin Update

My super senior has been fabulous as usual. In last week's lesson, she was the perfect little hunter, except for a few stops. She tends to rush at the jumps and often takes the long spot. The day before the lesson, however, I decided to try and get some of that out of the way by cantering ground poles and an 18 inch cross rail. This seemed to work, because while she was rushy doing this work, she went around nice and quiet on lesson day.

We were able to ride outside because February 1st was unseasonably warm at 63 degrees, so we were able to work on courses. The fact she was going around like a quiet hunter was an added benefit. However, I am still not completely comfortable at the slower pace. While, yes I enjoy it and it is ultimately what I am aiming for, I tend to get nervous that she will stop. When she is rushing at least I know she is going to go over. This nervousness on my part translates quite easily to my mare, through the subtle cues I am not even aware of. We did have a few stops and one resulted in me taking the jump without her, but overall she was wonderful. Plus, we learn more from doing it wrong than doing it right, right? It gave me hope for show season, as I am afraid we will get to the show and she will go barrel pony on me LOL.

Speaking of shows, we are aiming for March 4 to be not only our first show of the season, but also our English debut. I need to get her out before the first show of our usual schooling series, which is April 1. The show we are aiming for is at a farm so I expect it will be smaller and probably a little lower key, which is exactly what I am looking for. Plus, she is always a bit hyper at the first show of the season, so I would like to get her off the property to jump in a show like atmosphere before then.

In other news, we have recently done some beautiful stretchy work in our western saddle. She also had an awesome collected canter and counter canter yesterday. We have been doing a lot of work on flexion, as well, especially to the right. When we started she would lock her jaw on the bit and refuse to bend, but after just a few consecutive days of work on it, she was flexing softly and easily. Now her flexion at the poll to the right is even better than the left!

Our next lesson is tomorrow and unfortunately the weather forecast is not as good as last week, so we will most likely be in the indoor. Either way, some major learning will be happening, always does with Renee!


  1. Yay for flexing ponies! Can't wait to hear how your first English show goes :)

  2. Thanks! About to post about it now!