Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Equestrian Goals

I know we are already a month into 2012, so this post is a bit late. But, hey, better late than never right?

I accomplished many things last year that were either yearly goals or on my equestrian bucket list such as winning grand champion in speed, turning JB into a kick ass western pleasure horse, riding Satin on the beach, swimming with her in the Assunpink, and trying a new discipline (aka English).

Here are some of my equestrian goals for this year:

1. Enter my first English show (Hunters and maybe eventually Jumpers)
2. Win my first English ribbon (of any color)
3. Ride on the beach again.
4. Make more trips to the Assunpink.
5. Improve my bareback and bridleless skills
6. Have JB neck reining for this show season, hopefully by the start.
7. Ride as much and as many horses as possible.
8. Keep taking my mare out to all different kinds of competitions and showing people age is just
a number!


  1. a great list of practical, but also fun goals! good luck! (and I can't believe the hunter/ jumper show season starts this weekend out here in California, I tend to wait at least until April to start showing!) Corinna

  2. Thanks! Already started on quite a few of them!