Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lessons like these....

Lessons like this week are the reason I love my mare and give me hope for show season. We got to ride outside as it was another unseasonably warm 60 degree February day. We did a lot of work on her trot, which has been coming along quite nicely. We have the pace up to a good spot, now working on getting her to round up at that pace without slowing down.

We did a few trot jumps to warm up, then Renee had us play horse show and exit the ring, re-enter, and do a course. The first course went pretty nicely, with just one of two slightly tight jumps. Then we did a second course that had an extra line in it, as well as, a broken line. This course went pretty well, but not as nice as the first course. She had 2 really big / long jumps and got quick in a few spots.

For the third course, we repeated our first course and she did it even more beautifully than the first time. Then we repeated the second course where we had two chips from tight distances due to her getting a bit speedy and a 2 stride break during a long canter to a single diagonal from me trying to slow her too much. Overall, Renee and I were both happy with the course, those simple mistakes aside.

Overall, I was very happy with both my mare and myself, for that matter. She was very brave over all the fences, had a lot of really nice jumps, and kept a good pace for the most part. Renee was quite pleased with both of us as well. Lessons like these remind me why I call Satin the wondermare and give me hope for us in the hunter ring this season!


  1. I did not realize you were taking her in hunters this year. Very cool!

  2. Yup! I have been taking English lessons for the past 6 months. My trainer somehow tricked me into this whole Hunter idea LOL So we are going to give it a try this show season and switch it up