Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow is Gone!

So the only upside of the horrendous downpour all day Saturday is that it washed all the snow away. Yay! Then Sunday turned out to be beautiful and 50 degrees! So of course I went out and rode the pony. We rode around the back of the farm since it was too nice a day to ride in the ring (at least in my opinion) and the trails were going to be gross. She was very good and not stiff for having most of last week just walked and then the rain. She was a little beasty when jumping the logs but settled down nicely. We ran the barrel a couple of times and she did it nicely though was not as headstrong as I expected.

Today I went to the barn early in order to babysit for D since she had an important meeting with a rescue group that may bring a few horses to us. So I spent an hour or two watching her 2 year old who I adore and cleaning first barn before the new client saw it. It is probably the most used barn with the biggest tack up area since that is where the lesson kids tack up, as well as, those of us who have horses living out in the front field 24/7 which include D and her daughter K. So of course this makes it the most dirty. With the help of the toddler and D's 11 year old son A we had everything away and the barn sweeped and perfectly clean in an hour. Now the challenge is keeping it that way!

Anyway so when D returned home my friend L arrived and we rode our mares in the ring. We did an excercise our trainer R showed us where you try to trot beside each other staying stirrup to stirrup and you circle, do extended and sitting trot, canter, etc. We had not done it in a while and were swapping stories so we did our walk and trot warm up side by side. This excercise is extremely hard when one is riding a 16 hand Standardbred and the other a 15 hand QH LOL! She loped nicely both directions after and we did some work on quarter turns, rollbacks, and spins which were okay. They need more work in our next lesson with R. We also did a little sidepass which was lazy but overall okay.

Anyway so tomorrow my friend M and I are going to NY overnight to visit relatives of mine so pony will get one maybe two days off, but tomorrow is supposed to be freezing anyway so I dont think either of us will mind lol!

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