Monday, July 13, 2009

Super Busy Week!

Sorry for being a slacker again last week, but it was such a crazy busy week for me. I was pretty much only home to sleep.

So as I mentioned in my last post last week I taught summer camp at my farm all week. It went well for the most part. The kids seemed to have fun and it gave me some cash which is always helpful. Satin had to do it too because we needed an extra horse, which she was not too thrilled about, but she survived. The hard part was having more patience with the kids since I don't have too much of that lol. The girl who rode Satin was very nervous and tended to give up a little too easy on things, which frustrated me, but by the end of the week she was doing better.

Monday we had a schooling session and she was good then I just spent the night relaxing. On Tuesday night we had a games day and ran the barrel pattern which we haven't done in forever and Satin was great. Wednesday I rode Satin bareback and played around and practiced some bridleless. Thursday night we went to a local horse farm that does jackpot barrels, poles, and barrel dash every Thursday night. We did the barrel pattern in 20 something seconds, which we probably could have done faster, but I was happy with it anyway. We both got a bit flustered and almost missed our first turn lol. Our barrel dash was awesome. We had the 3rd fastest time of the night at 8.7 seconds but unfortunately we knocked the barrel. Our pole run was in 30 seconds because Satin got a bit anxious and didn't want to run through the pattern home just wanted to dash straight home so we almost missed our turn. All in all though I was very happy with our night. We had a lot of fun and Satin was awesome for her first time doing that away from home. My friend K won some money on her horse Smokey and our friends horse Cindy. She got the 2nd fastest dash time of the night on Smokey just ahead of me in 8.4.

On Friday we had another new experience and went team penning, which is something I have been wanting to try. Satin was great she acted like she was around cows all the time, which is how I figured she would be. Our first run I didn't know you had to watch the herd and too many got past the timer which was my fault. In our second run my partner got bucked off. My 3rd run with my friend K was awesome. We got our cow in 30 seconds partly because my partner is really good at it and because I was getting the idea of the right way to do it. My 4th run I did much better, but my partner, who was another friend we will call E, got too ahead of the cow and we didn't get our cow (she is also the cow that got bucked off). I let my barn owner's friend D ride Satin in one of the runs. He rides race horses and does team penning a lot so I wanted to see how Satin would do with someone who really knows how to do it. She did awesome! He sent her right into the herd and cut the cow out of there and drove it to the pen like she had been doing it all her life. They got their cow in 24 seconds. He thought she was awesome and couldn't believe she was 20. He thought she was a baby. Another guy asked me if she was a baby earlier in the night too lol. It was a lot of fun though and I look forward to doing it again.

After all that work during the week, I gave her the weekend off. Today my long time horse friend Anne came out to visit. We did some schooling and worked on our demo for the open house this weekend, which I promise I will post more about tomorrow or Wednesday.

In other news, my birthday is coming up next week which I am looking forward too and I am also getting a new car this weekend since the lease on my current car is going to be up. I am not sure what I am getting yet, but either way its exciting. As far as the job front I am working on my internship and doing a photography project for a friend. I am not getting paid for this photo thing because its a good friend and I am just doing because I want too, but hopefully I can use the pictures to get future projects.

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