Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Okay, so I have been being a bit of a slacker again, but this summer just has me super busy!

So I will start by telling you about our gymkhana yesterday. We went to the 4H gymkhana at the Monmouth County Fair and we had a great time. Satin was awesome and everyone form my farm kicked butt. We did poles, keyhole, bowtie, barrels, flag race, pin drop, and egg and spoon race. The flag race and pin drop ended up being our best events because though speed is necessary accuracy is also important too. A lot of people went to fast and missed their flags or didn't get their pin in the barrel or the horse was too worked up for them to get it. I was afraid Satin would be like that but she was very good. I kept her a little slower so I made sure I got the flags/pin. It was a tough division because a lot of the people in there are crazy fast, but I was happy with Satin's runs. It was really hot which made it tougher for them and us, but we all managed.

Most of the week me and Satin just had some relaxing fun rides. We just went out and rode in the back and what not to stretch her legs and change things up a bit. This week we have to get back to work though because we have a western pleasure, horsemanship, trail, etc. show this weekend. I am taking it easy on her though because she has been doing a lot of speed lately.

Unfortunately on Thursday we had some sad happenings at the farm. Our oldest resident Snooks, a 29-year-old TB coliced and we had to put him down. I stayed with his owner til midnight walking him and they kept walking him until 4 am. He started to look better for a while and we thought maybe its just a gas colic and he will come out of it, but he never did and ended up getting worse again so his owner made the tough decision to put him to rest. He lived a nice long life though and it was his time. He was a sweet old man and we will all miss him.

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