Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011: A Photo Review

2011 had its ups and downs for me as it did for everyone, but I figured I would recap some of the highlights here on my blog (at least the equine and photo related ones, which are obviously most important anyway).

First and foremost, 2011 was the year Satin and I took grand champion in the Open Speed division at the age of 22 (for both of us LOL)

Obviously this means 2011 brought us some of our best runs:

This year was also the start of our English career:

This pic isnt me riding but she looks adorable and it was her first time 3 foot so had to include it.

Another highlight of 2011, or two highlights I should say, are with JB.

He was a total rock star in open model this year coming in 3rd against some major competition at a local show series and Champion for the year with the SPHO-NJ

JB also started his career as a western pleasure horse and was again a total rock star! He took third for the year in the Beginner Western division at our local schooling series.

2011 also introduced me to two horses that would become big parts of my riding life, as well as, give me a lot more valuable time and experience with my trainer and great opportunities.



Another major highlight of 2011 was the Firecracker Fun Show. It was a huge accomplishment and a great event.

I was able to cross something off my equestrian bucket list in 2011: my first beach ride on my pony :)

I also got to go swimming with my mare, which was also on my equestrian bucket list

I have to include a picture of my year end awards from our local schooling series.

On a more personal note, 2011 was the year I graduated college.

2011 also marked 4 years with my wonderful mare <3

While 2011 did have some lows, overall it was a pretty good year as you can see from these memorable moments. Here's to some even more memorable moments in 2012!


  1. Looks like a wonderful year full of adventure. Great photos along the way! Swimming on horseback is one of my favorite things to do and I'm totally jealous of your beach trip. Here's hoping 2012 is just as awesome for you!