Monday, March 29, 2010

This Week's Update

Once again I am writing on a rainy and gross Monday morning. Ugh, I feel like I need to build an ark! This is getting a little ridiculous. We are supposed to get 6 inches of rain between today and tomorrow. Just greaaaaaat. Anyway that's my rant on the weather, but the good thing is Thursday to Saturday is supposed to be in the 70s and they say it may hit 80 on Easter Sunday. Woohoo! Unfortunately I won't be home Saturday-Sunday as I will be upstate, but it will be a great weekend to be riding upstate, so works out. Hopefully the weather holds through the following week and weekend as April 11th is the first horse show of the season for Satin and I.

Anyway so let's start with our rewind/recap of last week. It rained last Monday, but the rain let up a little in the afternoon and I was able to sneak a ride in. Though of course it started drizzling the second I got on and continued in a pretty steady rain throughout my short ride, then began to let up as soon as I got off. Typical. But, my horse jogged and loped beautifully on a loose rain so it was a good ride. Tuesday rained as well so I did not get to ride at all.

On Wednesday I was supposed to have a lesson, but it got canceled because my trainer's mom was in the hospital, so I rode at home instead. I put in a good working ride on Satin. Her jog and lope were nice and stayed that way even when I went to one hand on a loose rein which she sometimes she tries to take advantage of, especially when we have not done it in a while. We also did some work on transitions which again were very nice. Then we did work on lead changes. We started with some simple ones as a warm up before moving on to flying. The first few flying were sloppy as she either got rushy or did the back and no the front due to lack of proper preparation from me most likely and maybe a little bit of laziness from her. Anyway we ended with nice clean changes in each direction. Then we did some quarter turns to finish up.

Thursday we had another working ride. Again the jog and lope were nice. We practiced counter canter which we have not done in a while and she picked it up perfectly in both directions and held it as long as I asked. We finished up with some sidepass work which was pretty nice. Friday Satin had the day off as I only had a short amount of barn time since I was going away for the weekend. K rode her for me Sunday since I was away and knew it would rain today and tomorrow and my lesson is rescheduled for Thursday.

The princess pony is always finding some kind of trouble, especially when its close to or during show season. Again, typical. Wednesday I find a gooey, gross thing on her leg which turns out to be a tick bite. Of course, my horse would get a tick bite in March LOL. So I spent the week putting Furazone on it and getting the goo out. Then Thursday I was currying what I thought was a patch of hair crusty from sweat. Then a chunk of the hair came off revealing a lovely wound underneath, which lead to pulling more hair/scabby stuff off. It looks like she must have gotten bit, most likely by the gelding in the field next to her as her paddock mate never bites her. Luckily the rest of her hair is long enough that it pretty much covers it right now. Hopefully the hair grows back before the show and that she sheds more!

In other news, still working on getting an internship set up, though I have one lined up. Also working on the website, which I really need to get moving on. I spent the weekend upstate visiting friends that go to school up there. Another friend I will call M-E drove up with me and our friend LC took the train down from her school to meet us. So we had a very fun weekend catching up with old friends.

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