Monday, March 15, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

First it was endless snow, now it is endless rain! It has been raining four days straight since Friday. Saturday was the worst with intense winds and rain so hard we could not see out of the windows. Tons of trees and powerlines went down and some people will be without power until later this week.

Saturday I went up to Hay Fever Farm where my friend H boards her gelding known on this blog as boyfriend. I have become a frequent visitor and everyone there is very nice. I enjoy going over and visiting with everyone and getting some great photos. So Saturday I spent the day there. I watched Hs lesson then watched her trainer L and some of the other girls ride and took some pics. Later on we went to our friend A's house for take our. They did regular wine and pizza nights usually at the farm, but A had to stay home for her step-daughter's birthday party. We all made our way over there which took twice the amount of time it should because of tons of road closures due to flooding, downed trees, and downed power lines. But we did make it. A had no power but luckily had a generator going. The pizza place closed due to no power, but the Chinese place stayed open and we made it work. We had a nice evening. At home though my basement was flooding and we had no power. My father did not want me driving with the roads such a mess, so H kindly took me in and I spent the night at her house.

Sunday morning I went to the farm with H again and took some more pictures. Then in the afternoon I ventured out to my farm to see Satin. A tree had gone down in her field the day before taking out part of the fence. Luckily she was far from it when it happened. There were two trees in Smokey and Hezzie's field which is right next to Satin's that were about to fall down. They could not take them down until morning though which meant the 2 gelding could not spend the night in their paddock. My barn manager D figured Satin and her paddock mate Jewel would be better behaved in a stall than Smokey and Hezzie so Satin spent her first night in a stall in 15 years. They said she behaved just fine, probably only because she had Jewel for company and same with Jewel because she is not fond of confinement herself.

This week I am on spring break and today it is once again raining. Ugh so gross, but its better than snow! The rest of the week is supposed to be beautiful though so that makes me happy. I will spend it riding, catching up with old friends, and probably doing a photo shoot or two, starting with H's racehorse.

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