Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break Sadly Comes to an End

The reason I was slacking on my blogging last week was because I was on spring break and I made it jam packed!

So let's rewind to last Monday which unfortunately rained so I did not get to ride. I did get to catch up with my friend J from high school though which was nice. On Tuesday I had some more high school nostalgia by going down to my high school and visiting two teachers I became very close with and keep in constant contact with. I had a nice time catching up with both of them, just wish it had been longer. Tuesday was beautiful though, being sunny and almost 60 degrees. I got to ride the princess thankfully. We just rode around in the ring with K stretching Satin's legs. She was pretty stiff from 4 days of rain and no work, so we just spent the ride stretching her out. We ended with some hacking around the farm and were both feeling good afterwards.

Wednesday was a pony filled day. I went to visit Boxwoods Farm which is owned by a friend of mine's family. They are a big breeding farm, breeding and foaling the future harness racers. It is pretty much all Standardbreds, though in the past they have had some others. So I went over to visit and take pictures of the babies. They have 4 colts so far and they are absolutely ADORABLE! They even have one chestnut and he is just so cute. Then I had lunch with my friend and another mutual friend of ours we both go way back with, so that was very nice. After that I stopped and saw another old friend that I know through horses then headed off to my barn. K and I had a barrel day and Satin did some very nice dashes. Her turns are just getting better and better thanks to R's guidance. That night I slept at K's house and the next morning got up early to go with her mom (my barn manager) D to our friend DN's race farm. As you all may remember DN is a Thoroughbred racing trainer along with his twin brother and is also an ex jockey. D goes over and rides for him a few mornings a week so off I went camera in hand to capture some behind the scenes shots of the racers in training. It was fun and interesting to see as I have been to mand Standardbred racing farm, but never a Thoroughbred one. I got some great shots and got to meet DN's horses as well as his brothers which include a very sweet filly who happenes to be DN's big stakes horse. Hopefully I will see her bring in soem wins this summer.

Thursday afternoon I went to NY to attend a cancer benefit that my cousin, who is a breast cancer survivor, was an organizer was. It was a nice event and great to spend time with my aunt and some of my cousins. Friday we returned home and I headed to the barn to enjoy the almost 70 degree weather. L and I went on a trail ride and were later joined by our friend S. We had a very nice ride with both the girls being very well behaved. L's mare had been a bit full of it on our last trail ride, but she had not been on a trail in some time and is always better when it is just her and Satin. We did the jumping trail, the hills, and had some nice canters, and a good run. Most of the mud had dried up so it was easily negotiated and only one downed branch in the way. The storm definitely reeked havoc though. All around us there were trees bent over, branches and trees down, etc. Then Friday night I spent some more time catching up with J again.

Saturday was beautiful and almost 75 degrees!!!! I went to the sale at my local tack shop then stopped by H's farm HFF to pick up my camera battery I had forgotten there the previous weekend. H was working, our friend J was on vacation, and her trainer had gone to Florida to help ship home the horses showing there. Another friend JS was around though with a full list of horses to ride since no one was there. Our friend A showed up and asked me if I would like to ride her mare Annabelle so she could help JS ride some of the ones on the list their trainer had left. Of course I said yes. Annabelle is a PMU rescue and very good girl. She is half clydesdale and half TB, but has the big drafty look. I even rode her english to top it all off LOL. She was a very good girl and is a comfy couch. Then I headed over to my farm and hacked around the princess. She was lazy, probably tired from our trail ride the day before. I let one of the students EB ride her a little too. Then Saturday night went to R's farm to visit Larry. They had a gymkhana going on and I saw several friends and acquaintances in attendance either riding or watching. I wished I had brought my horse, but it was fun to hang out.

Yesterday we went on another trail this time with K and E. E rode Hezzie who was her trail mount for a long time before Patty came. Patty had to do a lesson though so E had to go back to Hez. We went out for about 40 minutes or so and had a nice ride taking advantage of the nice weather before the rain moved in today. Then I had some of my aunts come over for my other aunts birthday so enjoyed an evening with my family.

So as I said today it is raining :( This reflects my feelings about starting back at class LOL I am hoping is right about letting up this afternoon so I can squeeze a ride in. I need at least one working ride before my lesson Wednesday since I have been doing a lot of playing hehe.

Thats it for now but later I will try to put some of the pics up :)

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