Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy Week

Ok, so I have been a bit of a slacker this week so I apologize for that, but I have been super busy.

So lets recap the events of the week starting with the horse stuff of course. Monday I gave Satin off a took a trip to the local tack shop, but Tuesday we had a great ride. We did some schooling and she was very good and then we did some practicing for our demos at the open house coming up in July (will write more on that another time). We are doing a reining freestyle and bridleless freestyle. She was very good during our bridleless practicing. We even jumped a crossrail and she was perfect. Wednesday was the first nice day of the week so we had another games day and again she was great and more behaved then usual during games. Yesterday it was rainy and gross but we did a short 20 minute workout around the paddocks where the footing was the least messy. Today was nice so we had a schooling session in the ring and again she was great. Her jog and lope were perfect. She jumped nicely and quietly. Her sidepass was nice and she was better about the canter poles too. Tomorrow we are hoping for a trail ride.

On Wednesday I also went out and rode a horse for a friend we will call D. D just bought another horse for her daughters. The mare is a 5 year old QH who was trained for reining and D and her daughters and primarily english riders so she asked me if I would come out and try her out and help them better understand how to push her buttons so to speak. Since she sounded very much like my mare plus I love reining I jumped at the chance. The mare was nice and very comfortable. She is green, but does have a nice spin, sidepass, and rollback. It was the first time she had been ridden in the field in which I rode her so she was a little nervous, but settled down. She seems like a solid mare that just needs some more riding and experience. D asked me if I would continue to come out and work with the mare and her daughters and I agreed so now I have a second little job going.

Speaking of jobs, I finally started my internship! I spoke to the lady yesterday and worked out the details and received the rest of the information. It looks like it will be a fun and interesting project.

In other news, I got to see one of my close friends KK yesterday, which was nice and am seeing one of my other very close friends who is coming home from Boston tomorrow night.

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