Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Since we last spoke...

So I have been slacking yet again, but I promise it is with good reason. I have just been super busy since school started, plus fall is the end of show season so its jam packed with events. Basically every weekend of September and October is booked, including my trip to WEG, so excited!!!

Anyway, since we last spoke I have had two fabulous lessons one working on flying changes to teach Lexie and help Satin. Her changes started off a little rusty and ended great. What I was most impressed with that lesson was actually how great her counter canter has gotten. It is actually a counter lope now! The lesson before that we worked A LOT on collection and extension at the trot and canter. I had her doing the cutest little jog and nice floaty trot. She also had a nice extended canter working right off my seat and a the most collected canter EVER! She was basically cantering in place. It was awesome! Renee was very happy with it as well. And it was all off seat and legs no hand usage at all. Dressage ring here we come! LOL

We have also gone barrel racing at Curry a few weeks and Satin has had some very nice runs. Her turns around the barrels have been awesome. The only thing we need to work on is getting up her speed in the pattern between barrels. She runs to the first barrel and home but does not like to run in the pattern. Knowing Satin its basically a "Fine, Mom. If you are going to make me slow down for every turn, why should I bother to run in the pattern". We did some work on fixing that today and she did well. She has also become quite the poles horse. It seems to be her new favorite thing. She has been running them really well.

We also finally went team penning for the first time in a while last week. K and I went with Satin and Smokey and my friend J who has been dying to try penning came along. We also brought along Satin's field mate Jewel as an extra horse. J rode Sat since she is better for a first time penner than Jewel. Jewel is a great penning horse, but she is so good she turns very quick and once you point her to the cow you want she goes for it before you know it. Satin is much easier to handle in the penning ring and took good care of J. She knows her job and they got it done. I rode Jewel in a few times that night and she did very well as did Sat in our runs together. K and Smokey were our partners for most run and we had some really nice ones nothing too fast though. I think our best time of the night was 30 seconds but that was okay.

Also, last week my friends L and S and I were involved in a 9/11 ceremony at our local harness racing track. S and her Standardbred Indy rode down the track carrying a flag L and I lead her Standardbred Lexie who was the riderless horse with the backward boots. We were dressed in dressage clothes and the ceremony went well and we got many compliments. The track treated us to lunch after which was very nice.

This weekend I am busy, busy with showing. Saturday we have the Jersey Bred show. Originally I was just showing my friend H's horse which you all know as boyfriend in the in hand class. After our impressive showing at the National Show she asked me to do it again at this show. Then today she asked me if I would ride our friend JM's horse Don in the two gait adult class. He is a nice western horse and I am looking forward to it. We also volunteered K to assist and she will be showing him in the junior in hand and junior 2 gait also western. Then Sunday we have our local schooling show where Satin and I will be doing the speed division.

Other than horses, I have been busy with the start of school. Classes are going well but keeping me busy with a full course load, 6 classes. Also have a few photo and freelance jobs coming up so that will be nice.

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