Thursday, February 18, 2010

Super Busy = Super Slacker Blogger

I'm so sorry that I have been a horrible slacker these past two weeks, but I have been crazy busy! So this will be a long one to get you guys updated.

Okay so we last left off with me waiting for the snow to hit which it did leaving us over a foot by Saturday night. That means I did not get out of my house until Sunday morning, which I was very unhappy about, but I had a good sunday to make up for it. I started off by going to my friend H's farm to visit her and horse who I refer to as boyfriend because of his handsomeness and the fact that we are in love lol. Anyway so we decided to go horse sledding. She put his driving breast collar on him and we attached long lines to it. We then sat in the sled and held onto the lines letting him pull us. It took some figuring out but once we got it down we had a BLAST. In the beginning bf was not a fan of the lines as they rubbed on his butt and legs at times. Once he got used to it he settled down and was an all star. The snow was deep causing the sled to get stuck at first. We figured the key was two people and once we wore a track down we did pretty good. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. Then I went off to my farm and of course had to try it with Sat. Before that though we went on a walking snow trail and the woods were just gorgeous. I wish I had my camera. Then we came back and tried the sledding. We used lunge lines instead of long lines and I attached them to the buckles on my girth of my western saddle and put her breast collar on to prevent saddle slippage. She was a ROCKSTAR. I had my friend E walk behind us holding the lines rubbing them against her and what not and she didn't even flinch. She just looked at us like 'is there a reason you guys are annoying me with these big long lines or what?' We found a plowed path in the back and walk, trot, cantered pulling the sled and had tons of fun. Then that evening I finally saw the movie I was dying to see with L.

Monday we decided to sled again and also tried it with K's pony Smokey who was equally as behaved. Tuesday we rode bareback in the ring and had a barn sleepover since we were expected to have heavy snow Wednesday and we knew we would all have snow days. So me, K, E, and our other friend C along with my barn manager and her two younger children as well as our race friend DN had a fun filled evening of eating and watching movies. The next morning we woke up to 8 inches on the ground and sleet coming down, but horses still had to go out. So off we went to turn the ponies out in the lovely weather. E went home sick at like 8 am and C went home at noon before the weather got to bad. At around 3 or 4 when the sleet finally turned back to snow as promised K and I broke out the sled and the ponies. We sledded all around the farm in the dense blizzard with k's little brother and another friend KA. It was a complete white out. We could not even see in front of us when riding because the snow was hitting us in the face, but we had fun. I spent the night again as the weather was bad. My school of course only gave us a delayed opening the next day, but I took the day off as the roads were very icy from the snow, sleet and hail, snow combination. Thursday morning we now had to dig out the paddock gates and tredge through over two feet of snow and ice to get the ponies out which was of course tons of fun. We tried to keep them in the deep snow to avoid them slipping on ice which they of course did not want to do and the frisky ones made it even more fun.

I was glad to be at the farm during the storm though as it relieved me from being bored at home. Plus we lost power in my house Wednesday night until Thursday afternoon which equals no heat among other things. The benefit of all the snow was great snow pics which I will try and post soon. Thursday we let the ponies be and just hung out in the house watching movies and what not in between barn work. Friday we again gave the ponies off.

Saturday I woke up early and went with my friend to her house to feed her 2 ponies as she had slept over the night before. We then rode her soon to be 4 year old filly out in the snow. It was her first time out in snow especially snow that deep, well riding at least, and she was a trooper. We just trotted her around a little as we had to get to my friend H's farm again for more horse sledding. Me and H wanted to get pics this time. We got some awesome ones which I will try and post as well. We didn't sled as much this time since we only had one path plowed enough that wasn't icy. Everything else was too deep. Then H and her friend S cantered bf in the snow. By the time they stopped her was exhausted. We even got H's trainer, a former olympian, in the sled. Then my friend and I were off to my farm. The usual gang (K, L, and E) were out as well and we all rode out in the snow. After watching H canter around and getting some great shots of it I wanted to as well. I got my friend who we will call KC up on Patty and off we went. We rode around in one of the paddocks but not for very long. Me and K were the only ones to canter as L cantered in a part that was slippery from us trotting in it and Lexie fell. Both were okay though. After a fun horse filled day KC and I went out for a while and I spent the night at her house.

Sunday the pony got the day off and I went to a movie with C and E. Monday I rode in the deep snow again for a bit and Tuesday she got off again since our riding choices were either deep snow or ice. Yesterday we walked and trotted bareback and today we just walked and stretched her legs. I am sick of the snow already and would like to see what the arena looks like again so we can really ride. I was supposed to have a lesson in R's indoor Wednesday but her driveway was way to icy and snow filled to get the trailer in. They say possibly more snow Sunday or Tuesday and I definitely hope NOT!

Anyway in other news I have been busy with school and last weekend as you saw very busy as well. This weekend I am visiting my friend tomorrow to Saturday and Sunday night have the SPHO banquet. I also am moving forward with my photo work and started Shutter Savvy Images. I am donating a session to the banquet auction and hope to get some jobs. Fingers crossed! I also finished my other article for Hoofbeats which prints in August!

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