Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Snow!

Okay so let's back track to last week. Last Friday and Saturday I went to Delaware to visit my friend KT. We had a good time and it was great to catch up. So as a result, the pony got two more days off.

On Sunday I just walked and trotted bareback around the farm in the few decent paths I could find. Then Sunday night I attended the SPHO awards banquet. We had a great time! They changed the venue this year to the track which was very fitting. The room was bigger and the food was better. We had a gift auction which I help my friend with every year. I won a back on track therapeautic sheet which everyone wanted to steal from me. It fits Satin perfectly and will be great especailly after barrel racing. I also won a gift certificate toward a website starter package so hopefully I will soon have my own website for Shutter Savvy Images!!! There was a live auction for a $500 gift certificate for Patty Hogan's vet services which brought in $1200 to be put toward sending 5 of our members and their horses to the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky. I hope to be at the games myself with my friend who is going. It will be an awesome experience and I want to photograph and write all about it. Anyway my friend H who owns the horse I affectionately refer to as boyfriend was the star of the awards night bringing home over 15 prizes including High Point Standardbred. Last year my friend L won every award so this year it was H's turn. Our friend from Maine who has the Standardbred Excellence blog came down for the awards and we all went out to dinner the night before. It was nice to see her. We all had a great night celebrating friend's accomplishments and dancing the night away.

L slept over afterwards and came to my one class of the day with me as it is a big lecture hall. Then we went to the farm and rode with K. There was a path cleared in the grass field that was good enough to get some riding in, so we were able to walk, trot, and canter for a little bit. Tuesday it rained all day long so I didn't get out to the farm at all.

Yesterday though I was finally able to get to R's for my lesson. Satin was hyper from lack of work and was running and bucking in her field. Then she practically ran me to the trailer. So I had a feeling I was in for an interesting lesson. We started off with some work jogging and trying to get her head lower. Then we did work getting a really extended trot. It took some work from both of us to get her to the point R wanted. Her little legs don't like trotting that fast haha. Afterwards we did some canter work. Her transitions were a bit slow and rammy compared to how perfect they had been, but that is due to lack fo real work. Her canter was also fast so we spent a good portion of the lesson working on different ways to slow it down and keep it there and by the end she was doing better. She was definitely in one of her fighting moods though, not wanting to slow down. We ended with some backing through a L and sidepassing as well as quarter turns which she did nicely.

Today it is snowing AGAIN. The only good thing is I was able to stay home from school :) So plan to spend the day relaxing and getting some research done. I am hoping for a day off tomorrow too. My weekend upstate of course got canceled again, aiming for 2nd weekend in March

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