Thursday, October 8, 2009

Show and Barrels

Okay so I have been crazy busy which means I have not kept things updated here. During last week I spent my riding time prepping for the western pleasure, horsemanship, trail show I had last weekend. So I had the show Sunday and it went well. Satin was very good. Her transitions were much better and her lope slower for most of the classes at least. We came 4th in pleasure, horsemanship, and command due to missing our counter canter which we always get. But I had the same problem in my lesson today as well and have it fixed. We came 2nd in trail though which is always our best class and we do compete against born and bred pleasure horses who do it in the breed shows. So all in all I was happy with our day and it is our last one of those for the season.

Then yesterday we went barrel racing. We had a pretty good barrel time for us with a 19.7. She just doesn't seem to run in between the barrels, not sure why. We had an amazing dash thought. We got an 8.5 which is even better than our last time. Our turn was a little wide though so we have been even faster if not for that. We had a pretty good poles run except her first turn was a bit wide but we got a 27.5 which is very good since we used to do 30s.

Today we had our lesson which was good as usual. I can't say enough how much I love our trainer R. We did some flat work, bending, transitions, etc. We worked on simple changes from the correct lead to the counter canter and back. We also worked on our horsemanship pattern from the last show, which went pretty good at the show except for a break in the jog, but we perfected it in the lesson. We also worked on flying lead changes, which my horse can do with her eyes closed. Sometimes she gets quick and rushes because she anticipates too much which makes her changes sloppy and sometimes she forgets to switch behind because of that or what not. We had some late ones, but we also had a lot of great ones, so that was good. I am trying to work on getting them perfect every time since I eventually I want to do some reining stuff maybe at QH shows.

On the non-horsey front, school is school. The usual business with reading and papers and midterms coming. Also this weekend I have my cousin's wedding and I am in the bridal party so that will be fun and busy.

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