Monday, May 23, 2011

Other Updates

Last week H and I took JB aka BF to a new horse show over an hour away. It was basically all QHs and Paints. We were fourth in hand, but he got 1st in the hunter in hand. He and H placed well in several large classes. He and I went in 2 pleasure classes and though we didn't place I was very proud of him. He went the slowest he has ever gone in a horseshow. We didn't expect to place though as all the competition were really intense pleasure horses.

H even showed him western in the amateur classes for the first time and they did pretty well. I gave her some western lessons during the week. Our friend J and her new mare Coco joined us and got great ribbons for their first show together, even some blues! Our other friend JL came along as well, so did our friend M and her daughter and their horses. We had a lot of fun.

In other news, I graduated last week and have been seeing my friends as they finished school. I have also been doing a lot of photography lately, shooting around the barn and went to watch and shoot R at two shows, etc.

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